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Crows- symbols of creation

Wherever crows are, there is magic.

They are symbols of creation & spiritual strenghth….

They remind us to look for oppurtunities to

create & manifest the magic of life.

They are messengers calling to us…

about the creation & magic…

that is alive within our world everyday & available to us.

words : Ted Andrews , Animal Speak



Take something irregular,rough-hewn,

off-kilter,incomplete…and it’s all the more desirable

for it’s flaws…

~ ` ~ Oliver Burkeman


( Alamparai Fort..(ruins) chennai, India,

Alaramparai lies on the east coast called the coramandal coast,

served as fort as well as sea port in ancient tamilnadu.

the existing ruined fort and dock yard was built by

the muslim rulers during the

18th century A.D. )



He who follows 


the elephants

will have no problem…