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Crows- symbols of creation

Wherever crows are, there is magic.

They are symbols of creation & spiritual strenghth….

They remind us to look for oppurtunities to

create & manifest the magic of life.

They are messengers calling to us…

about the creation & magic…

that is alive within our world everyday & available to us.

words : Ted Andrews , Animal Speak



                    There are poems

                          inside you

                                that paper can’t






              Painting is silent 



                        poetry is painting

                          that speaks

                                            ~ ` ~  Nikos KAzantzakis




             You have your brush

                  you have your colors, you

                   paint paradise,

             then in you go.

                                                             ~ ` ~  Adrienne Rich 





Two Hearts…



Two Hearts, in their own

world, Beating for each other,

with great reverence. !


~~ Aakruti





The birds around me……


Their thoughts I cannot measure……





But the least motion which they made


It seemed a thrill of pleasure…..


~~( william Wordsworth )